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Three elements of high security perimeter fencing

Three elements of high security perimeter fencing

25th September 2018

Securing your premises is paramount. It would help if you kept your assets secure and your property safe from damage. While security people are good, they are only effective if they’re present. Therefore, you need something that will protect your premises round-the-clock, for example, high-security perimeter fencing.

Several elements make a great high-security perimeter fencing. Here are three elements that can help you secure your organisation’s premises without being too expensive.

1. Mesh fencing

Mesh fencing looks great on any property, but it isn’t always aesthetics that should draw you to a solution. Luckily, mesh fencing is also very secure. It would take a prolonged and dedicated attack to breach it.

It is also tough for criminals to scale with limited footholds in the fence. In addition, mesh fencing is low-cost, low-maintenance and easy to repair. There’s also a variety of mesh fencing you can install for your premises, including welded mesh and woven mesh.

2. Security gates

You can have the best fencing around your premises, but you’ll also need a great entrance. It should be easy for those allowed to enter the building but challenging for those you want to keep out. One of the biggest mistakes that security teams make with buildings is making the entrance areas too intimidating.

Consider the flow of traffic of your site and how your desired entrance will cope with surges in traffic as well as keeping your premises protected.

3. Electric fencing

This isn’t always necessary, but there are many scenarios where electric fencing can be beneficial to protect premises. You can also intermix standard mesh fencing with electric fencing by placing the former around your premises and using electric fencing around high-security buildings or areas.

It’s important that all-electric fencing is clearly marked to discourage anyone from attempting to scale or break through the security barrier. This type of security is also a poor choice for school fencing but is excellent for data centre perimeter security and other facilities.

Security fencing is not going to replace your current security. Instead, it will augment it and offer better protection for your premises and any contents held inside.