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3 sites where security fencing is most commonly used

3 sites where security fencing is most commonly used

17th September 2019

When it comes to perimeter fencing, there is no doubting how effective it is. Tough security fencing is superb at providing a visual deterrent to intruders and also making it very hard for them to trespass where they should not be. Popular types like welded or woven mesh fencing are used by many sites with this in mind to stay secure. But which are the most common places where security fencing is seen around the country?


One of the major places where this type of security measure is widely used in schools. With children to protect, this sort of fencing is essential to keep them safe. This is not only in terms of keeping out people who should not be there but also stopping pupils from wandering outside of the school grounds when not allowed. Fencing of this nature also allows schools to protect their buildings and equipment from thieves or vandals at night.

Sports facilities

Another common use for security fencing is to protect sports facilities. This may be council-owned outdoor pitches for example or privately owned pitches or courts that are part of your property. Erecting this sort of security feature provides a physical barrier that stops people from accessing them to cause damage. It also means intruders cannot simply hang around on them and leave rubbish behind afterwards which then has to be tidied up the next day.


Public playgrounds are a real godsend for many families as they give a free space for their children to enjoy some outdoor play. This is only feasible though if the playground is secure and the equipment in it safe to use. Security fencing plays a key role here as it stops vandals from getting into damaged equipment and provides a barrier to keep children safe. It can also provide protection from any vehicles crashing or skidding into the playground by mistake – instead of hitting any equipment or playing children, they hit the fencing first which takes the brunt of any impact.

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The above are just some of the sites where security fencing plays a big role in keeping them secure and safe to use. When you add in others like swimming pools, zoos, military bases and airports too, then you can see how crucial it is. If you need effective perimeter fencing, give us a call today. Zaun can manufacture, supply and install the fencing your site needs to stay safe.