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Sporting structures that are ideal for schools

Sporting structures that are ideal for schools

17th November 2015

It’s widely accepted that schools should encourage their pupils to engage in a variety of different sports, and the vast majority of them do. Yet, whereas there are many sports you can play with very little equipment, it is often more convenient to have appropriately built structures that allow children to play safely and effectively. Here are some of the most common sports structures for schools.

1. Tennis courts

There are many ‘courts’ out there which consist of lines drawn onto the ground. Yet as any tennis player will tell you, running back and forth to collect all the balls after you’ve knocked them past each other can often be more tiring than the game itself.

But with Zaun’s Advantage Tennis fencing surrounding your court, all but the most wayward shots are stopped from going more than a few metres beyond the white lines. This eliminates one of the main factors that would otherwise disincentivise children from playing, thereby helping schools follow their sporting commitments.

2. Baseball

You may have seen these types of small enclosures in American movies, given that the sport is played a lot more frequently in the United States than in the UK. Yet that shouldn’t stop you from considering the benefits of introducing children to this fast-paced, tense game.

Whereas you’d otherwise spend all day long fetching balls that have been knocked over a few playing fields, having mesh fencing in place allows children to hit them as hard as they like and as many times as they want. Such structures are safe to use, providing children wear the proper protective equipment – which usually consists of a hard hat and possibly shinpads – while the sport is an excellent way of channelling excessive energy.

3. Colosseum

The Colosseum in Rome was used to host various games, a concept that inspired the name of one of our most versatile multi-use structures. Constructed from hollow tube railing panels and twin wire mesh, this fenced-off enclosure encompasses football and hockey goals and basketball nets, allowing it to be used for a variety of sports. Given that children have a diverse range of interests that they want to try out, this is one of the most cost-effective means of allowing them to do so.

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