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What is a perimeter fence?

What is a perimeter fence?

17th March 2020

Often, when looking to secure a property, the main question that pops up is – what’s perimeter fencing, and how can it benefit my property? Typically, a perimeter fence is designed to enclose a given area and prevent unauthorised access and vandalism.

Perimeter fences often indicate a boundary that excludes your property from the rest and is commonly used for security, privacy, and visual appeal. Installing a perimeter fence on your property is one of the best ways of preventing criminals and unwanted visitors.

Different kinds of perimeter fences

Perimeter fencing acts as your first point of defence against theft and vandalism. You should, therefore, expect it to come in many different styles and designs that suit your needs and preferences.

The most common perimeter fences come in a series of vertical metal bars, like with school fencing, mesh fencing, prison fencing, etc. These perimeter fences are perfect for high-security properties and are often connected at the top and bottom using a horizontal bar to reinforce them.

More extreme perimeter security solutions may require that you install an electric security fence. Electric fencing is especially effective at preventing intruders from accessing your property by shocking them.

Some perimeter fences are excellent for security reasons and can be installed around swimming pools and other utility stations.

Why have a perimeter fence?

As mentioned above, perimeter fences create a barrier that protects your property from intruder access and prevents other forms of crime. In addition, the right kind of perimeter fencing can increase your property’s overall market value.

Besides keeping bad things out, a perimeter fence also protects your household members and pets within its boundaries. This provides peace of mind knowing that your family and pets are safe.

Having a perimeter fence installed around your property increases privacy. It, therefore, allows you to perform your daily activities without worrying about prying eyes. This is another critical reason why perimeter fences increase property market value.

There are many reasons for wanting to have a perimeter fence installed around your property or business. A high-quality perimeter fence comes with many advantages that you, your family, and your property enjoy. First, put up a physical barrier that protects your property from the outside drama.

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