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Why use perimeter fencing for data centres?

Why use perimeter fencing for data centres?

19th February 2019

When it comes to the IT sector, much of the focus around security is currently being given to cyber-crime. While this is entirely understandable and necessary, it can mean that physical data centre security is being forgotten about. If you operate a data centre, this is a disaster waiting to happen. While many criminals will try to access sensitive data or systems online now, many will still opt for the more traditional approach of simply breaking in.

Protecting your data centre from this threat is essential for its overall security. With the new GDPR laws in full effect across Europe, having data-rich IT hardware stolen due to poor physical security is not ideal. To help guard against this, perimeter fencing is a great tool to use.

But what can this kind of security fencing do for your data centre?

Help to deter intruders.

The welded or woven mesh fencing we can install is superb at providing a visual deterrent to would-be thieves. The sight of perimeter fencing is often enough to put them off from trying to break in. Many thieves look for easy targets – when they see you are not one, most will go and look elsewhere.

Stops IT equipment from being stolen

Another great reason to use security fencing for your data centre is to stop precious IT equipment from being stolen. Effective security fencing is tough to scale and almost impossible to cut through. This makes it highly effective at keeping people off your grounds and out of your data centre.

Perimeter fencing for data centres looks good.

As well as providing a superb way to keep unwanted intruders out, mesh security fencing is still welcoming for visitors to your site. By the same token, it provides an attractive yet safe environment for your staff to work in. In addition, mesh fencing is great at blending in with the surrounding buildings and offering an appealing way to secure your perimeter.

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If you would like to find out more about the effective data centre security fencing we offer, call us today. Our expert team will chat about your requirements and find the best solution for your needs. Once installed, it will keep your site and all the precious data on it safe.