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Don’t forget physical security for your data centre

Don’t forget physical security for your data centre

19th October 2017

In these days of CEO fraud and spear-phishing, it can be easy to forget that not all threats to data centres come via their internet connection. Although many companies invest significant sums in firewalls and up to the minute cyber-security solutions, they can neglect the physical security requirements.

With more and more of our work solutions becoming cloud-based, access to your company’s network is becoming more important than ever. Here are our top tips for the physical security of your network:

Built-in redundancy

Ensure that your data centre has two of the main supplies: electricity, water, telephone, and internet. If you can, add in the third layer for power, with a backup generator that can take over in the event of a power cut. You don’t want to find yourself without these vital links to the outside world.

Sturdy fencing

A high perimeter fence, with fence toppings, is just the first line of defence against intruders. Our mesh fencing provides a solid barrier to prevent unwanted visitors on-site. Still, it can also be used to create mesh cages that can be used to partition sensitive areas internally. By making sure only those who need access have keys, you can secure your sensitive data easily.

Keep an eye out using cameras.

Security cameras are a must for any data centre. Put cameras in visible locations, but also somewhere they are not so easily spotted. Having cameras is not only a deterrent to crime; it also makes employees more likely to follow health and safety procedures and limits accidents.

Don’t build hiding spaces.

Make it harder for anyone to move around the facility without being seen. Don’t have hidden ceilings, and make sure that any internal walls reach below the floor to where the wiring is normally hidden. This will also help you keep an eye out for more mundane pests like rats and mice, which can cause havoc nibbling cables.

Data centre security is a complicated subject that needs some thought and planning. However, we are always happy to answer your questions if you would like advice on how best to secure the area with our fencing products.