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How to ensure your data centre is secure

How to ensure your data centre is secure

27th July 2021

When most businesses think about a secure data centre, they immediately think of firewalls, encryption, and other cybersecurity measures. But physical security is just as important for data centres. All the cybersecurity in the world won’t help you in building your data servers isn’t secured.

Below are some critical physical security measures that every data centre should be employing.

Perimeter security

Like any other sensitive site, data centres need to have a secure perimeter. High-security perimeter fencing will immediately improve data centre security by making it difficult to access the building without using the security gate.

Backup power supply

Another essential security feature of any data centre is a backup power supply. If your main power supply is interrupted for any reason, you need a backup to kick in immediately. This won’t just protect your servers; it will also ensure your security systems remain active.

Natural disaster mitigation

Floods, earthquakes, and forest fires can all present a serious threat to your data centre and its infrastructure. If any of these are a concern in your data centre’s location, you must account for them in the building’s design.

Physical access control

The only people who should have physical access to your data centre and servers should be those with a genuine need. Digital access control systems require security codes, keycards, or other forms of authentication to ensure that only authorised personnel can access restricted areas. They also make it easy to monitor where people are and maintain records of who has accessed each area of your data centre.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing is the most reliable way of auditing digital and physical security. So put, pen-testing involves trying to breach your own defences. If you manage to defeat the security measures you have in place, you will know where the gaps are and where additional measures need to be introduced.

Keeping a data centre secure is about more than just deterring hackers. To maintain the security and integrity of any data stored in a data centre, the location itself needs to be protected. Fortunately, many of the most effective security options are simple and cost-efficient.

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