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Why security for data centres shouldn’t be undermined

Why security for data centres shouldn’t be undermined

02nd July 2020

Data centres are, put, buildings or portions of a building wherein computer systems and their relevant components dedicated to the storage of data are housed. While the computers themselves are backed up and loaded with the latest anti-virus software, there often isn’t adequate security of the building itself. But there should be. Let’s look at some of the reasons why data centre security needs to be taken seriously.

Expensive equipment

Especially if it’s a data centre for a chain or big corporation, the equipment invested in storing crucial data is likely expensive. This means it’s worth the additional investment of rated or approved perimeter security fencing to provide that extra, guaranteed protection. Products that have been listed in the Red Book have been stringently tested by BRE to meet the criteria of threats. It is important to evaluate the threats to see which level of protection your site requires.

The expensive costs of the equipment inside the building make it the perfect target for thieves to attempt to break in and steal parts, assets or data. However, the mere sight of security fencing and detection is often an effective deterrent from attempting to force entry.

Sensitive data

Though much of data theft now occurs online, there are still those who will attempt old-fashioned methods and try to infiltrate the computer or server itself to gain access to confidential information.

The safe storing of data should be the priority of all data centres, which means implementing external security as much as internal hard drive and software security. Security gates and fencing are one of the best methods for protecting the premises from the outside.

Urban explorers

Of course, not all trespassers do so with the intent of stealing your data storage computers. Urban exploration has grown tenfold in popularity over recent years, making weakly defended properties a hotspot for amateurs to attempt to break in and see what they can find – especially if your data centre has an archaic exterior that may make it appear abandoned or derelict. If your premises appears to be strongly protected, however, many urban explorers won’t bother with trying to get in.

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