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Securing major organisations against major threats

Securing major organisations against major threats

27th September 2016

If you run a major business or high-profile organisation, you obviously need to think very carefully about the type of security measures you want to implement. Smaller businesses and organisations have to worry about petty thieves and vandals. However, due to the size of your organisation, you may be targeted by more organised and better-equipped intruders, such as professional criminals.

Luckily, there are security measures available to help you deal with any threat. To help you decide what kind of security systems you want to put in place, we’d like to discuss some of the threats you may have to deal with.

1. Hacking

Some criminal organisations may attempt to hack into certain aspects of your security system if they have the resources and technology to do so. Of course, the security measures we provide here at Zaun are highly resistant to this type of attack, so there’s no guarantee that they will succeed. However, it’s always best to minimise the risk. If you need a security solution that incorporates electronic or digital elements, you should consider utilising multiple separate digital systems. After all, it’s harder for prospective intruders to hack two systems simultaneously than to attack just one. So, for example, instead of choosing between an electronic alarm system and a CCTV system, you may wish to use both.

2. Vehicular attacks

Dangerous criminals may attempt to breach your perimeter by ramming your security fencing with a large vehicle. This brazen form of attack is always shocking, but it is possible to guard against it. Here at Zaun, we offer a wide variety of hostile vehicle mitigation systems that can repel even the most aggressive vehicular attack.

3. Disabling electronics

Some criminals may attempt to gain access to your site or premises by cutting power to the electronic components of your security system. This can present a serious problem if your security system is heavily reliant on electricity. However, you can counteract the threat by strengthening the traditional, physical aspects of your security system. For example, you may wish to add fence toppings to make your security fencing harder to scale or add multiple layers of fencing around your perimeter.

Whatever types of attack you have to repel, we at Zaun can help.