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The importance of data centre perimeter security

The importance of data centre perimeter security

23rd October 2018

For many of us, the term “data centre” conjures up images of a digital Fort Knox – a place where information is encrypted, stored securely and virtually impossible for malicious hackers to gain access to.

In many respects, this is true. However, you may not have considered that one of the most common types of data breach involves disks or servers being physically removed from the premises by burglars. The implications can be huge – particularly if your business handles sensitive data such as medical records or financial details.

Businesses are under intense scrutiny when it comes to ensuring data is kept safe, with huge fines and potential criminal proceedings faced by those who fail to take adequate measures to secure customer information – physically and digitally.

Physically protecting your digital data.

Crime operations vary in size, scale and intent. For example, an organized syndicate may have plans to steal sensitive data to sell it on. On the other hand, an opportunist thief might simply spot a chance to steal some computer equipment without realising the sensitive data contained within. Without adequate security, either scenario could mean that your company risks falling foul of data protection laws. For this reason, it’s important never to overlook the importance of data centre perimeter security.

If you run a data centre or otherwise store sensitive customer information on your premises, it makes sense to have security fencing protecting your building. High-security fencing works both as a deterrent and a preventative measure, as most would-be thieves will be put off by the idea of scaling tall, well-constructed mesh fencing. Those who do brave it will undoubtedly find it too difficult to climb over.

This means that any servers or computers containing customer data will remain inaccessible to that intent on gaining entry to your building for nefarious purposes, providing you with complete peace of mind. Don’t put your data at risk – make use of data centre perimeter fencing and protect your assets in the easiest possible way.

Security fencing is easy to install, and prices at Zaun are incredibly competitive. For more information, why not give us a call on 01902 796699?