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Five reasons why you should put up a perimeter fence

Five reasons why you should put up a perimeter fence

18th April 2019

The importance of perimeter fencing can most certainly not be overlooked. For many property owners, a perimeter fence is the first line of defence for internal security, but it can be a lot more than that. Many perimeter fencing options range from welded mesh to woven mesh, which is suitable for different locations and purposes. The reasons for putting up a fence vary from one person to another depending on your preferences and needs, but they are mainly centred on these five reasons.

1. Security

Most fences serve a security purpose. An example of this is the use of high, sturdy security fencing for prisons and zoos. Hiring security guards should be a secondary security measure to man the entrance. In addition, security fences can keep intruders out and residents in, with some institutions going as far as installing electric fencing to beef up security.

2. To enhance privacy

The other reason for installing fencing in military barracks, data centres, and gated communities is to ensure a high degree of privacy. Recreational facilities also use fences to keep their clients away from prying eyes.

3. To control points of entry

Fencing allows an institution or event to have a common and controlled point of entry. For example, playgrounds and sports arenas are places where you need to monitor the movements of both players and spectators. It would help if you had a perimeter fence to focus entry and exits and ticketing or payment booths and security checkpoints in such a case.

4. To mark boundaries

Perimeter fences are used to mark land boundaries between two different properties. This is not a new practice in property management; estate agents actually recommend the construction of fences to indicate boundaries even around undeveloped land. Using perimeter fences eliminates disputes arising from un-clearly marked boundaries.

5. Aesthetic appeal

Custom-made perimeter fences can be tailored to meet the aesthetic expectations of the client. Coupled with artistically designed gates and beautiful landscaping, or even on their own, fences can be a work of art as well as a practical feature. In addition, fences can be used to communicate or reflect the themes of an institution.

For high quality, durable and robust fencing, always go to a manufacturer with vast experience designing and installing perimeter fences. Contact Zaun today and sample our range of fencing solutions.