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What is perimeter fencing?

What is perimeter fencing?

19th March 2020

Perimeter fencing is used around the world in a broad number of applications and is a cornerstone on which many businesses, organisations, and properties base their security. But what actually is perimeter fencing?

Perimeter fencing explained

Perimeter fencing is any fencing structure that extends around a given perimeter. A perimeter is a path that generally defines the outer limits of a certain property or piece of land. You will have noticed perimeter fencing around all manner of businesses and organisations, such as schools, prisons, hospitals, sporting grounds, factories, and other businesses. You may even see it around certain homes.

What is perimeter fencing used for?

Perimeter fencing generally exists to define the outline of a piece of land associated with the property – it gives a very clear indication of what is public land and what is private property. As an extension of this, perimeter fencing exists to provide security by preventing trespassing.

What is perimeter fencing made out of?

Perimeter fencing can be made out of all manner of materials – the most common type of material, however, is mesh. Mesh fencing is popular because it provides strength and durability, but is much lighter and easier to work with than most other fence types. This means that it’s easier and more affordable to install a perimeter fence where the perimeter may track through awkward terrain.

How does perimeter fencing help with security?

Perimeter fencing acts as a physical deterrent by making it much harder to gain access to a piece of private land – it’s difficult to climb over and is usually interspersed with lockable access gates, or a defined access point. It also provides a psychological deterrent; any business willing to invest money into perimeter fencing will also have invested in other security measures. Perimeter fencing is also often used in conjunction with other security measures, such as spotlights, alarms, and CCTV camera systems.

A perimeter fence is an affordable, yet highly effective, way of improving the overall security of your business, organisation, or property. Whatever your requirements, there’s a perimeter fencing solution out there that can be tailored to your needs and your budget – contact Zaun today for more information.