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What is BSI standard BS1722 Part 14

What is BSI standard BS1722 Part 14

04th November 2020

The BSI standard BS1722 Part 14 provides an up-to-date specification for open mesh steel panel fences, as well as the gates and gate posts used with them. This article will explain why this standard is used and how it protects users.

Why is this standard important?

This is an important fencing standard because it outlines guidance for manufacturing and installing fencing. The BSI is the independent national body that is responsible for preparing British standards. Incorporated by the Royal Charter, it presents the UK’s view on European and international standards.

The standard aims to lay down minimum performance requirements for the materials and artistry of open mesh steel panel fences. These fence types are:

  • A fence for boundary or general purposes up to 2,400 mm in height
  • A fence for security purposes with a minimum of 2,400 mm in height
  • A fence for high-security use with a minimum of 3,000 mm in height
  • A fence for extra high security with a minimum of 2,000 mm in height

Choosing a fence is affected by various factors, including desired service life, intended purpose, aesthetic consideration and the components available. Ground conditions may suggest that a variation in the length of a post, strut or depth, to which it should be set is desirable.

Who uses this standard?

This British standard BS1722 Part 14 has been created to use a variety of people and organisations. This includes:

  • Fencing installers
  • Fencing systems and component manufacturers
  • Specifying authorities and purchases. This includes commercial, utilities and security specifiers.
  • Local and national government authorities
  • Reference sources and trade associations
  • General fencing users. This includes H&S managers, operators and maintenance personnel.

What products is BS 1722 Part 14 used on?

This standard is used on open mesh steel panel fences and boundary fences, which are fences intended to mark boundaries to deter trespassers. It can also be used on security fences, which are used in areas where more protection is needed from trespassers and vandalism. This could include general industrial security, such as industrial estates.

The BS 7122 Part 14 standard also refers to high-security fences. These are designed to be used in areas where protection against determined intrusion is needed. In addition, it can be used for extra high-security fences, which are fences that cannot be scaled without climbing aids.

What protection does the user get from specifying this standard?

This standard is a well-used, consistent and proven framework that is relied on by specifying authorities. The BS 1722 Part 14 standard allows for suitable and safe structures for open mesh steel panel fences. When using this standard, the user can be assured that they will be protected against intruders and trespassers.

At Zaun, all of our welded mesh products, including HiSec 358, Duo6, Duo8 and others, are all manufactured to BS 1722 Part 14 Standards.