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Uses for a mesh storage cage

Uses for a mesh storage cage

27th February 2018

Welded mesh storage cages are among the most useful and versatile security measures that are available for purchase. For many businesses, they are as vital as security fencing or CCTV cameras. If you’re unsure about whether you want to invest in mesh storage cages, it might help you to know some of the things they can be used for. We’ve created a list of functions that these cages can perform. Of course, if these functions have no bearing on your business, you should opt for other security measures. However, if your business needs a secure storage unit that can fulfil any of these functions, they may be a worthwhile investment.

1. Hazardous material containment

Does your business utilise any potentially dangerous substances or produce hazardous by-products? If so, it’s important to keep these materials contained safely to prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing them. In addition, hazardous materials may be stolen by criminals or terrorists for their own nefarious ends, so they must be secured. Locking up hazardous materials also helps prevent accidents and keep both public and your employees safe. Lockable storage cages are very effective when it comes to protecting dangerous materials.

2. Temporary storage

Do you regularly need to store large stock items or heavy pieces of equipment temporarily? If you do, it may not be worth hauling these items into your premises or renting storage units for them. Mesh cages can provide additional storage space. As a result, they enable you to keep temporary items on-site without dragging them into the interior of your business premises.

3. Waste protection

The waste your business produces can tell corporate espionage agents a great deal. This is especially true if your business regularly throws out old paperwork. It is therefore advisable to protect your business waste until it can be properly disposed of. Secure mesh cages provide a place to store waste protected, but that isn’t inside your main premises.

Mesh storage cages can be used for a huge range of purposes, including those we’ve enumerated in today’s blog. Here at Zaun, we’re proud to provide these cages to a wide range of businesses. So if you’re interested in investing in them, get in touch with us ASAP.