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Simple tips for high-tech perimeters

Simple tips for high-tech perimeters

16th May 2017

Technology is an integral part of any modern security perimeter. We’ve discussed the benefits of technology many times on this blog: alarm systems and CCTV cameras are needed to warn security personnel when a prospective intruder is approaching. At the same time, electric fencing can be used as a powerful deterrent. However, while technology has revolutionised the way security perimeters operate, it also has one fairly substantial disadvantage. If a piece of technology stops working, it can undermine your entire perimeter. Here at Zaun, we care about ensuring your perimeter is always impregnable. As a result, we’ve created a list of tips for ensuring that your security technology doesn’t fail and leave your perimeter vulnerable.

1. Ensure cables are well-protected

The wires and cables that connect CCTV cameras and alarms to power sources can be vulnerable to wear-and-tear. If a wire or cable breaks, the technology that depends on it will obviously stop working. We, therefore, recommend ensuring that any external wires and cables are well-insulated and well-protected with thick rubber or plastic.

2. Put redundancy systems in place

Here at Zaun, we pride ourselves on the durability of our security technology. However, if a CCTV camera or alarm does break down, it’s important to ensure that it won’t leave a gap in your defences. This is easily achieved. Ensure that you have two or more CCTV cameras or alarms covering each point on your perimeter. Even if one fails, every part of your perimeter will still be covered.

3. Carry out regular maintenance

Perhaps the simplest way to prevent technological failures is to regularly check your electronic security measures for damage and carry out necessary maintenance. This can dramatically extend the lifespan of your electronic security measures and prevent them from failing at inopportune moments.

4. Don’t rely completely on technology

Security fencing, fence toppings and other non-electronic perimeter defences are just as important as security technology. It’s important not to rely completely on electronic solutions – remember to keep your non-technological security features well-maintained. This will ensure your perimeter is never undefended, even in the event of technological failure.

Technology is vital to modern security perimeters. By following the tips we’ve provided in today’s blog entry, you can make sure yours doesn’t let you down.

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