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Keeping your cash with cutting-edge security

Keeping your cash with cutting-edge security

01st February 2018

Money is important to all businesses and organisations, so many enterprises choose to handle their finances using secure digital systems. But what can you do to protect your finances if you have to store large quantities of cash in your business or organisation’s premises?

If you run a business that specialises in financial services, you might have to store money on-site for your clients. Alternatively, if you run a highly profitable retail business, many of your customers may pay for your goods in cash. Whatever type of business you have, storing your cash safely and securely should be your top priority, which is why we’ve come up with some simple tips to help you.

1. Alarm your storage area

Alarm systems are indispensable when protecting large sums of cash and other highly portable valuables. By alarming the room or area where your business’s cash assets are stored, you can ensure that unauthorised individuals can’t access it without you or your security personnel knowing instantly. Likewise, if you store your cash in a vault or lock-box that can be alarmed, you should also alarm this to add a second layer of security.

2. Don’t underestimate the importance of your perimeter

Your perimeter protects your site or premises as a whole. However, it’s worth remembering that it also protects the contents of your premises, including your cash. Choosing high-quality security fencing, fence toppings, CCTV cameras and other perimeter defences can go a long way to protecting your financial assets.

3. Limit access to your cash

Remember, you don’t just have to protect cash from intruders: dishonest employees may also be tempted by it. So we recommend that you only authorise your most trusted employees to access your stored cash.

4. Always make sure security personnel can see your stored cash

Security personnel should always keep an eye on stored cash, either in person or through a CCTV camera. Make sure this is possible. Remember: there’s no substitute for a human being’s training and vigilance when it comes to protecting your assets.

Here at Zaun, we can provide a range of security measures, including perimeter fencing, alarm systems and CCTV. By utilising these measures and following the advice we’ve provided in today’s blog entry, you can protect the cash your business needs to flourish.