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Do you need new welded mesh storage cages?

Do you need new welded mesh storage cages?

14th December 2017

Welded mesh cages are the perfect place to keep valuable or dangerous items on-site. They’re sturdy enough to resist attempts at unauthorised access but simple enough to be opened quickly by you or your employees. If you don’t want to lock high-value equipment or dangerous items in a separate storage facility when they aren’t being used, welded mesh storage cages are the ideal solution. They are commonly used to store waste (including hazardous waste) before it is disposed of safely, substances that might be required for industrial processes and compact machinery. If you work in an industry that either uses or produces any of these things, you probably own at least one welded mesh cage already. But do you need new ones?

If you’ve had your current storage cages for several years, it might be time to invest in new ones. There are several things you can do to help you decide if you really do need new cages.

1. Test the resilience of your cage’s door

After years of use, wear-and-tear can weaken a mesh cage’s door. Carefully apply pressure to the doors of your mesh cages to see if they can be forced open or damaged. If you feel the door weakening or loosening, or if you notice the lock appears to be under strain, you should consider investing in new mesh cages. Remember, if criminals try to access your mesh cages, they won’t stop trying to force the door open when it weakens: they’ll continue until it’s broken and they have access to your equipment.

2. Look for signs of rust

In previous blogs, we’ve advised perimeter fence-owners to check their security fencing for signs of rust. Mesh cages are also susceptible to rust, which can weaken them structurally and make it easier for prospective thieves to break into them. If your cages have an excessive amount of rust on them, you probably need new ones.

3. Consider the size of your welded mesh cages

If you bought your cages while your business was still growing, you might have chosen smaller options. However, now that your business is bigger and uses more resources, these cages might not comfortably accommodate the items or materials that you have to store in them. If you’re having difficulty fitting everything in your current mesh cages, why not invest in larger models today?

Here at Zaun, we offer an excellent range of mesh storage cages alongside a wide range of other security solutions. So if you decide to replace your current storage cages, get in touch with us.