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Zaun has a wide range of prison mesh and perimeter security solutions specifically designed for prisons and mental health units in the UK and around the world. Zaun’s experience in the prison market puts us in good stead to provide ideal solutions for high-security institutions.

Our 358 fencing and gates range has been designed and approved by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) for use in prison institutions around the UK. In addition, our continuous investment in our manufacturing capabilities has ensured that we can provide high-security perimeter, fencing and gate solutions for specific requirements.

Our standard 358 mesh fencing range is designed with small climb resistant welded mesh apertures and welds that eliminate foot and finger holds and prevents objects and contraband from being passed through the fence to inmates.

Zaun has a range of available prison fences with various levels of security attributes dependent upon the security risk of the inmates in question; from HiSec standard 358 prison mesh to woven mesh Armaweave, Zaun has the solution.

To complement our prison mesh fences and gates, Zaun can also supply a range of integrated solutions, from perimeter intrusion devices (PIDs) to access control and CCTV analytics, Zaun has the solution.

Perimeter Fencing & Gates