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Three reasons why Bike lockers are great for businesses

Three reasons why Bike lockers are great for businesses

29th July 2021

For any business, their site and grounds are an important part of their whole operation. Paying attention to your site is critical for making it a nice place to work and making clients or customers feel comfortable visiting you. Of course, there are many ways you could add value to your site (such as perimeter fencing), but bike lockers are worth thinking about too. But why does investing in them make sense?

Makes recruitment easier

Being able to attract the top talent to your company is vital for long-term success. The competition can be fierce, though, as all your competitors will be trying to sign them up as well! This means that you must find ways to stand out and show potential employees that you are the best choice. One way is to offer extras that others in your sector may not. Adding bike lockers to your site is a great example of this. Not only does it give potential staff more travel options for work, but it also gives them somewhere safe to store their bike.

They look great

Of course, adding any structure to your site has an impact on how it looks. With this in mind, you must only add structures that make your site look better. Bike lockers hit the mark here as they will add instant visual appeal to your grounds. Lockers come in a range of sizes and styles now, so you can pick one that has an exact look you need. Installing these types of lockers will also mean bikes are stored tidily and not left randomly around your site, making it look messy.

It helps your company be greener.

All businesses know how important it is to operate in an environmentally friendly way now. A great way to achieve this is encouraging staff to travel to work on a bike, rather than a car. If you can make this a key part of your green travel plan, it will show the world you really care. You need the right infrastructure in place first, though – with bike lockers for staff being a crucial ingredient. Bike lockers will mean people feel comfortable bringing their bikes to work and will therefore help you operate in a greener way.

Top-quality bike lockers from Zaun

Any lockers you install must be tough, stand out in all weathers, look amazing, and be hard to break into. The lockers we produce and install at Zaun tick all these boxes! Get in touch on 01902 796699 today for more details.