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3 ways installing bike lockers will improve your business

3 ways installing bike lockers will improve your business

03rd March 2020

Cycling is becoming an essential part of our lives, not just for students but also for employees who are tired of waiting in traffic. Its popularity can also be attributed to its health benefits and its green credentials as an effective mode of transportation. Yet, even with such advantages, most businesses set up bike lockers for fear of increased expenses. But are they just an expense? Here are some ways that bike lockers can benefit your business.

1. Increased work productivity

It is common knowledge that a healthy and relaxed employee will be highly motivated and perform better at work. Cycling is one way to get your employees healthy. Exercising releases chemicals like endorphins that enhance mood, meaning that your employees get to avoid stress and anxiety every time they cycle to work. But this can only work when they are assured of safe bike lockers with security gates.

2. Reduced parking costs

All businesses require parking spaces, an expense that often puts pressure on most start-up organisations. To avoid this cost, buy bike lockers to lower your cost and encourage your employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle. In addition, if you are worried about safety, bike lockers provide high security just like a welded mesh fencing would. You can also use the extra bike storage for revenue generation when your employees are on leave, so either way, you get a win.

3. Enhanced business image

Mesh bike lockers come with individual locker units, ensuring you have neat storage space. Your employees no longer have to use your welded mesh fencing as a storage space but a proper locker, an aspect that instils discipline in your workers. Your clients will most certainly recognise such a positive trait, hence improving your business image. Bike lockers also show that you are aware of the harmful effects of fuel usage, and it may put you on the track for getting green credentials.

Bike lockers are not just for your employees, but they can also be a worthwhile investment for your business. Get in touch with Zaun for a chance to get the best bike lockers and any perimeter solutions for your needs.