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How to ensure that your security gates really are secure

How to ensure that your security gates really are secure

27th July 2017

Every security perimeter has at least one gap. This gap isn’t a security flaw; however: it’s a necessary part of every perimeter’s design. As you might have guessed, we’re referring to the entrance to your site or premises. Regardless of what type of organisation you run, you can’t surround your site with security fencing: you need an entry-point to allow employees and visitors in and out. That’s why we at Zaun sell a wide variety of security gates that allow either vehicular or pedestrian access while simultaneously keeping your site secure. However, security gates are only effective if you use them properly. There are several practices that you should always employ to keep your gates secure.

1. Always ensure gates are closed when they are not in use.

Never leave your security gates open unnecessarily: an open gate is an invitation to intruders and miscreants. By closing your security gates whenever they aren’t being used, you can ensure that intruders don’t slip through them. Even if authorised personnel use your gates regularly throughout the day, you should ensure they are kept locked and closed whenever nobody is entering or leaving your site. Never leave your gates open, even if they’re going to be used again within a few minutes.

2. Actively monitor the CCTV footage from your gates

CCTV cameras are a great way to ensure that unauthorised individuals can’t pass through your gates without being noticed. Simply placing cameras near your security gates can deter many intruders. However, it won’t deter all of them. Therefore, it’s essential for your security personnel to constantly monitor the CCTV footage from your security gates to catch anyone who tries to sneak through.

3. When possible, position security personnel by your gate

Whenever possible, your gates should be operated by trained security personnel who can turn away unauthorised visitors. Try to avoid leaving your gates unattended, even if they are closed and locked.

Security gates are an essential part of any perimeter, alongside security fencing and anti-intruder technology. Follow the advice that we’ve given in today’s blog entry to make sure yours are effective.