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Identifying potential threats through vigilance and observation

Identifying potential threats through vigilance and observation

11th May 2017

Security fencing can prevent the vast majority of prospective intruders from entering your site or premises, while alarm systems can tell you when someone is trying to breach your perimeter. However, here at Zaun, we believe it’s important to identify potential intruders and threats before they approach your site or premises. You can have your security personnel view the area around your perimeter using CCTV and patrol the area in person to spot incoming threats. But what exactly should they be looking for? In this blog entry, we’ll attempt to answer that question.

1. Loitering individuals

Criminals will often hang around near a site or premises that they plan to burgle. This is known as ‘casing’. It gives prospective criminals a chance to memorise the layout and security features before they attempt to breach its perimeter. So if your security personnel notice anyone loitering near your site or premises, they should be aware that these individuals may be criminals who are casing the site. So while you can’t really have someone expelled from your local area or arrested simply for hanging around near your site, you can recognise the potential threat and ensure that your security personnel are on high alert.

2. Unfamiliar faces

If your site or premises is in a fairly remote location, it may be possible for your security personnel to spot unfamiliar individuals who have no business being in the surrounding area. Clearly, these individuals could represent a security risk, so make sure your security team is on the lookout for suspicious and unfamiliar people.

3. People carrying suspicious objects

Breaking into a site or premises isn’t easy. In fact, it’s almost impossible if it’s protected by Zaun perimeter fencing and other security measures! That’s why many criminals and intruders use specialised equipment. Therefore, your security team should be on the lookout for anyone carrying suspicious-looking objects or equipment near your site or premises.

Here at Zaun, we can supply you with the security measures you need to deter and stop almost any prospective intruder. However, you should still ensure that you’re aware of potential threats before they reach your perimeter. Following the advice we’ve provided in today’s blog will allow you to identify individuals who threaten your site or premises before they even approach it.