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Bus Depot Fencing

Bus Depot Fencing

A range of solutions ideal for bus depot perimeter security, from physical fences and gates to integrated solutions such as electric fences, perimeter intrusion devices and CCTV with video analytics. Zaun also has a wide variety of access control solutions to complement our range of perimeter fences and gates, from blockers and barriers to turnstiles and access panels, to ensure your site is restricted to approved visitors.

It is paramount that bus depots are provided with a secure fence line to protect their fleet of buses. Zaun’s in-house design and manufacturing capabilities ensure that bespoke and customised solutions may be manufactured to suit the branding requirements of the site, from printed mesh to bespoke manufactured panels and laser-cut shapes.

Physical Security for Bus Depots

Zaun has a wide range of bus depot fencing, from high-security LPCB LPS1175 security rated fencing and gates to movable PAS 68 crash rated perimeter fencing systems with zero ground penetration.

Perimeter security fencing for bus depots is vital for protecting the transport hub from trespassers, terrorists, vandals and other miscreants.

Zaun’s in-house design and manufacturing capabilities ensure that all airports can specify fit for purpose fencing systems with the appropriate approval ratings.

Latest Bus Depot News

Zaun Rapid Deploy System (RDS) family extended

“Zaun RDS Original” was introduced in 2012 and has since been widely used at major events throughout the UK.  It was a pioneering product providing a surface mounted, rapid deploy fence that was properly resistant to the natural elements and a malicious attack.  Now, in 2021, Zaun is expanding the family with the RDS StrongHold

Zaun uplifts SR range to latest BRE standard

High-security perimeter systems manufacturer Zaun has uplifted all of its Security Ratings (SR) range to the latest certifications from the Buildings Research Establishment (BRE). BRE has revised its SRs to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175 as certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and listed in their Red Book. The latest revision of LPS1175

Fencing in Oman with Partners Rimal Global Group

One of the world’s premier high-security perimeter protection integrators have struck a partnership agreement to better access growth markets in oil, gas and military in the Middle East. British-headquartered perimeter protection Zaun Group has partnered with the Rimal Global Group in Oman. Rimal Global group focuses on engineering, procurement, contracting and construction for renewable energy

Original temporary electric fence now deploys even faster

The original anti-vehicle rapid-deploy temporary electric fence system – first used in tandem on the London 2012 Olympics – is now even quicker and easier to roll out with a pre-configured ‘ends’ to pulse-protected ‘zones’. Three leading names in perimeter security have collaborated to incorporate the new temporary electric fence technology into the established SecureGuard HVM

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Is There A Security Fencing Requirement for your premises?

You may consider security fencing a requirement only used by large enterprise sites and major events like the Olympic Games. Still, this solution can be necessary for a wide range of premises. For example, if you have concerns about security at your business or any other kind of property that you own, high-quality security fencing

Does your boss need convincing about the value of fencing? Focus on these 4 reasons

Running a business is difficult. Profit margins can often be tight, and it routinely requires great levels of effort and exertion to break even, so it makes sense that some business owners will want to limit spending as much as possible. However, such an approach could be detrimental in both the short and long term,

Double skin 358 vs HiSec SR2

Which security fencing is best – Double skin 358 or HiSec SR2? At Zaun, we are leaders in creating high-quality security fencing and we offer a range of robust and secure fencing options including Double skin 358 and HiSec SR2. Both of these fencing materials have been developed to provide superior security, with unique features,

Is it time to fit electric fencing?

Among the most effective forms of perimeter fencing are electrified options that can create a barrier that is physical and psychological. The potential threat of receiving a serious shock can be a powerful deterrent that keeps all but the most determined attackers from attempting infiltration. If you’re currently considering bolstering your onsite defences with electric