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Choosing the right security gate for your site

Choosing the right security gate for your site

20th February 2018

When it comes to securing your site, it’s important to choose the right equipment. Installing effective fencing and security solutions can ensure that unwanted visitors and trespassers are prevented from gaining unauthorised access, and it can help reduce your insurance premiums.

Whether you’re opting for perimeter fencing, railing solutions or custom designs, you’ll also need to consider site accessibility. Depending on the level of security you require and the number of people authorised to access the site, there is a range of security gate systems available.

For smaller workplaces and schools, for example, pedestrian gates can be the ideal solution. Operated manually, these gates can be managed by key staff members and only opened during appropriate times. In addition, when locked, pedestrian gates keep the site secure and can be designed by your existing fencing structures.

Managing pedestrian entry and exit

If your site has a higher rate of footfall, pedestrian portals or turnstiles may be more effective. Enabling large numbers of people to enter or exit the site quickly, turnstiles and portals are often used in large venues, such as stadiums and arenas. As well as preventing unauthorised traffic, pedestrian portals and turnstiles ensure that people enter the site in a calm and orderly fashion.

If hundreds or thousands of people are expected to access the site, using turnstiles or portals can maintain the steady flow of pedestrian traffic and may even prevent people from becoming hurt or injured whilst entering or accessing your site.

Facilitating vehicular access

As well as catering for pedestrian access, it’s vital to consider how vehicles will access your premises. For example, automatic sliding or swing gates can provide a high level of security but also ensure that vehicles can access the site quickly and without delay.

If additional security measures are required, our hostile vehicle mitigation options could be just what you need. With barriers, bollards and mesh fencing designed to withstand heavy impact, your site can be protected from all manner of security threats.

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