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How to stop the vehicle terror threat

How to stop the vehicle terror threat

11th June 2019

The threat of terrorism is more real than ever. We have seen recently a series of high-profile attacks using vehicles. This has meant an increased need for security measures (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) to help protect citizens from such heinous crimes. Here, we look at the best way to do that.

Temporary concrete barriers

If you identify an immediate threat, then temporary barriers might be the first step. You can then work out what type of permanent solution you want to install. Concrete barriers will give you that security you need straight away.


Bollards have been stopping cars for a long time. You either have the option of having a permanent bollard or an automatic bollard, depending on your needs. Bollards allow pedestrians to pass, and the automatic solution will let cars go through when they need to.


Blockers are triangle-shaped barriers that come out from the road. It gives you full control of your passes and is a great vehicle deterrent. They have proven highly effective and are a great solution for creating minimal disruption to ordinary road users.


As with bollards, barriers have been used to stop cars for a very long time. There are many solutions available and will allow you to only let through the vehicles that you want. They have an immense amount of impact resistance and will help to stop any car.


Gates will be your ideal solution for when you need to let vehicles through perimeter fencing. You don’t want a weak point, and a heavy-duty gate will give you the protection you need. Poor gating would leave you vulnerable.

High-quality fencing

There is no point in getting blockers, barriers or gates if a vehicle can easily get around it by going through a weak fence. You also want to ensure that your fencing is up to a standard not to let you down.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

You need to make sure that you’re using the right Hostile Vehicle Mitigation features. If you need that vehicle protection, contact Zaun today to see how we can give you the peace of mind you need.