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Terror fight focuses on London

Terror fight focuses on London

22nd March 2012

You’d hardly expect me to be declaring London as the centre of the universe when I live in Paris, spend increasing amounts of time in the Middle East and have a business in the British West Midlands.

But London does seem to be where it’s at over the next six months, certainly in the spotlight on terrorism and counter-terrorism. In Miss World order, there’s the small matter of the UK’s first Olympic Games for 64 years, starting in late July.

Before that, we’ll be celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee and an incredible 60 years on the throne.

Probably not a bad idea, therefore that London’s Olympia is hosting the Counter Terror Expo 2012 on 25 and 26 April. It’s a highly acclaimed event for those tasked with the demanding and complex role of delivering a robust defence against the threat posed by international terrorism.

In an age in which the threat from terrorism is dynamic and continually evolving, the effective sharing of knowledge is critical in responding.  And Counter Terror Expo brings the foremost experts from government, armed forces, security services, law enforcement and academia from all over the world together annually to share real-life experience, debate strategies, brainstorm issues, shape policy and define effective counter-measures.

Zaun will be exhibiting this year alongside two other partners, Hardstaff Barriers and Highway Care.

This is the only event to deliver a heavily researched, extremely relevant and uniquely high-level centrepiece conference, alongside extensive learning through an issue specific workshop programme and supported by a world-beating showcase exhibition exposing the latest technology and technique available to professionals in this vitally important arena.

With the threat from international terrorism remaining at a significantly high level and those with the desire, intent and means to harm proving to be nimble, inventive and extremely dangerous adversaries, we need opportunities like this to discuss the issues of today and to develop the counter-measures of tomorrow.

Counter Terror Expo brings both focus and clarity to the complex and multifaceted task of protecting people and assets from the threat presented by international terrorism.