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Securing major events

Securing major events

29th March 2018

With summer fast approaching, the demand for outdoor events is set to increase. Whilst the UK doesn’t always guarantee good weather, there’s always a host of summer events taking place throughout the country.

Although designated venues may have existing security measures in place, outdoor events are a different kettle of fish. Often, multi-use venues are hired to host a vast range of events such as music concerts, sports matches and even large-scale festivals.

With many events catering for tens of thousands of people, effective security solutions are essential. Whilst perimeter fencing can help to prevent unauthorised entry to events, pedestrian and vehicle access can also be facilitated via dedicated security options. For example, pedestrian portals and automatic swing gates are an ideal way to ensure speedy entry and exit from venues, without compromising on security.

Providing site security

Once launched, event venues must be tightly secured. As well as protecting attendees, effective levels of security ensure that equipment and goods aren’t at risk. However, event security doesn’t begin with the launch of the event itself.

Generally, UK major events are planned months or years in advance, with construction work taking place in the months preceding the event. Whilst the venue is being prepared, it’s vital that site security is in place.

High-security perimeter fencing, security gates and electric fencing can be used to protect venues and land, whilst integrated security solutions can provide immediate intrusion detection. As well as protecting costly construction equipment, these security measures protect the site itself and ensure that no one has unauthorised access to the intended venue.

Whilst it’s hard to imagine anyone seeking unauthorised access due to nefarious intentions, this is a very real threat in today’s climate and something which all event organisers, sponsors and venue owners should take into account.

By providing effective site security both prior to and during the event, organisers can ensure that staff, performers and attendees are kept safe at all times.

To find out more about securing UK major events or to arrange a security assessment for your venue, why not get in touch with us today?