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What major events use security fencing?

What major events use security fencing?

07th September 2021

Security fencing, such as perimeter fencing and mesh fencing, is not just used in communities and schools. Many of the world’s major sporting and political events use fencing to protect both those inside and outside. To learn more about the fencing that has been used at huge global events, continue reading.

Olympic Games

Olympic Stadiums throughout the years have relied on high-security fencing to ensure that only those with authorised access can get in. At the London 2012 Olympics, speciality fences and gates were designed and installed around the 17km perimeter of the site. The fence was 5m high, with 7m lighting and CCTV columns positioned every 25m. High-security fencing is an essential part of any large stadium as safety is a priority at any large-scale event. It keeps those inside the stadium safe and avoids anyone without a ticket getting in.

World Cup

Whenever the football World Cup occurs every 4 years, stadiums are always prepared with the very best high-security fencing. The FIFA 2014 World Cup was no different. This is because, with any major sporting events, there is always a high risk of security threats. This can include hooliganism, small crimes and even terrorism. Each team that comes to the stadium must be protected and training grounds must be surrounded by fencing that is at least 2m high. Cladding must also be in place to prevent spying or climbing.

NATO summit

The NATO summit is an important political meeting that happens every year. The nature of this event means that security is key. During the 2014 NATO summit in Cardiff, temporary high-security fencing was installed at Newport’s Celtic Manor. This meant that world leaders were protected from any external threats. 13km high fencing was used across key sites in the city to ensure the safety of delegates. Once the event was over, the fencing was dismantled in less than a week.

Zaun has experience with providing fencing for major events, having installed perimeter fencing at the London Olympic Stadium in 2012 and at the NATO summit in 2014. We also provide perimeter and high-security fencing for a range of other purposes, including schools, outdoor pitches and zoos. To learn more about services, get in touch today.