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Is your outdoor arena ready for the grassroots sporting boom?

Is your outdoor arena ready for the grassroots sporting boom?

09th September 2021

From simple measures such as rejuvenating the turf to larger overhauls such as replacing the sports fencing or increasing capacity by installing bike lockers and extra parking, most outdoor spaces could benefit from some form of remodelling ahead of the spring.

Below are some steps that will help to ensure any sporting venue is roadmap-ready when crowds flock back to the playing fields over the coming months.

Soundproof solutions

With most sporting venues situated in local parks surrounded by residential streets, noise pollution is a common complaint, especially now that people have become used to a quieter period. Luckily, this problem has a simple solution. By replacing existing wooden boards or standard fencing in high-impact areas, such as outdoor football pitches, outdoor basketball courts, and outdoor tennis courts, with sound-reducing options like our Duo Sports fencing, you can minimise the rattle caused by balls hitting the perimeter.

Spectator safety

As families start to spend more time outdoors together, venues should expect an increase in spectator footfall at grassroots matches. To ensure the highest level of protection for players and spectators alike, sturdy fencing options such as our Spectator Rails will allow for excellent visuals whilst maintaining a safe play zone for the sportspeople.

Child-friendly fencing

For pitches located near playgrounds, or those that host a lot of children’s sports, the choice of fencing should be attractive enough to suit a local park, as well as being safe enough for energetic kids and toddlers. BowTop fencing, like that of our BowTop Play selection, combines a classic design with enhanced, British Standard safety features to ensure curious hands won’t get caught whilst giving parents an uninhibited view of their child at all times.

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