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Fencing for Leisure and Recreation

Fencing for Leisure and Recreation

26th October 2020

Many have sought recreation and entertainment in outdoor spaces without the benefit of cinemas, pubs, or theatres during the pandemic. Whether in outdoor sports facilities, events spaces, or public parks, we’ve been spending a lot more time outdoors, and it’s a trend that’s likely to continue. This might mean it’s time to rejuvenate our public or recreational spaces.

In fact, one of the first things to be looked at is fencing. Fencing is often the first impression one has of space, so it should always look warm and inviting whilst still providing the security needed. Here are just a few suggestions on which fencing is best suited to your outdoor facility:

Tennis, Football, and Basketball Courts

When choosing a fence for ball sports, the first consideration should be the height (no one wants to be chasing stray balls out in the road!) Next, you may also need to consider whether you want to fence to play a part in the sport itself. For example, some tennis players like to practice their serves against a rebounding surface, and when a ball goes out of bounds in football or basketball, it’s good to be able to for the fencing to take the shock without damage. For these reasons, you might want to take a look at Zaun’s super rebound sports fencing. This has both rebound facility, durability and is tall enough to stop stray balls.

Kids Playgrounds

Fencing for kid’s playgrounds has some unique challenges. It should be tall enough so that kids cannot climb over but also visually pleasing. It also needs to be safe to use, with no sharp corners that might cause harm. In this instance, bow top metal railings are an ideal choice.

Public Parks

Public parks host events of all kinds and public recreation, so they can sometimes take a bit of wear and tear, not least when it comes to perimeter fencing. But neither should they look as they have been enclosed.

An ideal solution to perimeter fencing is the aesthetically pleasing bow top urban railing. They provide both the security and visual impact that shows pride in our public spaces.