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Why your farms needs security fencing

Why your farms needs security fencing

22nd June 2017

You may associate security fencing with centres of business or industry. After all, major business premises and industrial centres often contain valuable information, expensive items, and specialised equipment that need to be protected from criminals and miscreants. However, you may not realise that security fencing can also be deployed in more rural settings. Here at Zaun, we are proud to supply security fencing that can be deployed to protect farms and agricultural land. If you work in the agricultural industry, you may be wondering if you really need to protect your land with perimeter fencing. We believe that you should. In today’s blog, we’ll explain why.

1. Preventing theft and damage to agricultural equipment

Sadly, thieves and vandals can target farms just as easily as businesses and industrial centres. Agricultural equipment is precious and needs to be protected from criminals and miscreants. Professional criminals may try to steal agricultural equipment due to its high resale value, whereas petty vandals may try to damage it out of spite. Security fencing can help protect your equipment from both types of trouble-maker.

2. Keeping members of the public away from pesticides

Do you use pesticides on your crops to prevent insect infestations? If so, it’s important to prevent members of the public from coming into direct contact with these pesticides. Obviously, pesticides are harmless in small doses (otherwise, crops that have been sprayed with them couldn’t be sold). However, if a member of the public were to encounter your crops immediately after they’d been sprayed, they might receive a much larger dose. Small children and family pets are particularly likely to ingest pesticides inadvertently. Security fencing can keep public members away from your crops and keep them safe from concentrated pesticides.

3. Avoiding land damage

Farms can be very picturesque places, and members of the public often go walking near them. However, you may wish to prevent people from walking over land you are actively using for farming. After all, excessive foot traffic can damage land over time. Security fencing is the most reliable way to stop public members from walking over your land and accidentally damaging it.

We don’t just supply security fencing to businesses and industrial bases here at Zaun. If you need to protect your agricultural land, get in touch with us today.