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Double skin 358 vs HiSec SR2

Double skin 358 vs HiSec SR2

31st August 2021

Which security fencing is best – Double skin 358 or HiSec SR2?

At Zaun, we are leaders in creating high-quality security fencing and we offer a range of robust and secure fencing options including Double skin 358 and HiSec SR2. Both of these fencing materials have been developed to provide superior security, with unique features, high-quality manufacturing and innovative technology. We take a look at the benefits of each security fencing option and which is best suited to your project.

HiSec SR2

Our HiSec SR2 is our premier high-security system which is designed especially for high profile sites that need serious perimeter protection. We worked alongside the Home Office to develop a fencing solution that was visible, difficult to climb and reduced the effectiveness of any attacks. HiSec SR2 fencing has also been Secured by Design approved and can provide the same level of protection as double skin 358 mesh but it is just a single panel. If you are looking for a secure fencing solution, HiSec SR2 fencing is SR rated for B2 and is included in the Red Book from the Buildings Research Establishment (BRE), achieving the security rating B3 under issue 8 (SR2 under issue 7), so you can rely on it for high performance.

Double Skin 358

For sites that need a more robust security fencing system, a double skin system can be the best choice. Our Double Skin 358 fencing is made from two layers of HiSec 358 welded mesh and both panels are welded together. This means it is difficult to climb and difficult to cut using standard hand tools. Our Double Skin 358 fencing is extensively used in prisons, where security is of the utmost importance. Double skin 358 fencing exceeds UK prison specifications.

Security fence installation

HiSec SR2 is a cheaper option than Double Skin 358 when it comes to installation costs and it also has no additional clamp bars. Compared to standard 358 mesh security fencing, HiSec SR2 has a similar installation process and fewer bolts. As Double Skin 358 has more fixings, it takes longer to install and costs more due to the amount of fixings and the use of two panels, but it could still offer increased protection for high-security sites.

The ideal security fence

When you are choosing a security fence, it is important to look at what specifications are required. For a site that requires LPS1175 or a guaranteed delay time such as a water treatment works or a data centre, HiSec SR2 is a strong, visible and cost-effective fencing choice. For areas that need extra security measures, like prisons and military buildings, a double skin fence like Double Skin 358 might be a better option. Depending on where you are trying to secure, both Double Skin 358 and HiSec SR2 are manufactured to the highest standards and designed to offer maximum protection for your property.