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FST System

FST Topping (Flexible Topping System) is currently the most secure fence topping system available. Developed by the experienced high security development team at Binns Fencing the FST Topping is the result of a programme of continuous innovation.

FST Topping, a registered design to be used in high security prisons and mental health units. Fully tested and approved by Her Majesty’s Government for us in the UK. FST Topping has top quality, specially selected materials, and is also manufactured to the very highest standards for long life and long-term reliability.

All materials are galvanised and/or powder coated, however stainless steel razor wire is recommended to provide maximum service life.

At the heart of FST Topping is a steel mesh fixed to a flexible steel bracket that has been designed to move when people attempt to climb, upsetting balance and hand holds.

The structure of this high security topping is designed to withstand a man’s weight, so the FST system does not collapse when climbed.

FST Topping is also available in five configurations

Designed to suit the varying environmental demands of every situation.

  • FST Frame – Particularly suited to Young Offender Institutions. Tests have proven that the FST Frame specification is extremely difficult to climb.
  • FST Mono – Where height or sight lines are an issue, FST Mono, with its single, lower coil of razor wire. A cost effective sprung-steel frame is also attached.
  • FST Twin – A highly effective solution with two coils of stainless steel razor wire. Attached to the sprung-steel mesh frame.
  • FST Max – The ultimate in security topping systems. A sprung-steel, mesh frame and two coils of stainless steel razor wire. Linked via motion sensors to an alarm system.
  • FST Utility – A cranked back bracket with a coil of S wire. This means the S wire will not be a danger to passers by. If the is an attempt to scale the topping the S wire will then pull forward.



Features and Benefits
  • The most secure high security fence topping system available on the market
  • Anti-climb
  • Visual deterrent for trespassers, vandals and terrorists to scale the fence
  • Fully tested and approved for Her Majesty’s Government in high security prisons
  • Available in five configurations
  • Ideal for use with any of Zaun's high security fencing solutions (HiSec, HiSec Super 6, ArmaWeave)
  • Can be used on fences, walls and buildings
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FST TypeDiagram
FST FrameFST Frame High Security Fence Topping
FST MonoFST Mono
FST TwinFST Twin

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