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Zaun’s Gemini architectural fencing system is possibly the most attractive mesh fencing system on the market.

Available in four options, wave, convex, concave and surf, each of these decorative fencing styles share the curvaceous styling associated with the Gemini range. Each style however is different enough to allow radically different styles to be selected depending upon the setting.

Our architectural fencing systems have the ability to break up rigid fence lines and are perfect for areas that are aesthetically sensitive or which are on show to the public or customers. The Gemini decorative fencing system is based on the twin wire fencing systems Duo6 or Duo8, that use twin horizontal wires to sandwich the single vertical wires.

Each decorative fencing panel is supplied with anti-tamper fixings and can be fixed to the posts using either full length clamp bars or our well established ZaunFix fixing system.

Each post is available with or without ball finials and can be supplied to suit ground conditions for in-ground, bolt on or cranked over a wall.

Available in your choice of RAL colours and can be supplied with pedestrian and vehicle gates to suit the fence line, providing a full perimeter protection system.

Due to its strength and great looks, Gemini fencing is ideal for housing projects, schools and prestige projects where the fence needs to be a feature as well as a boundary.

Each of the Gemini decorative fencing panels can be supplied in heights of up to 6 m, which is measured at post height, so the panels may exceed that height at the centre of the panel.



Features and Benefits
  • Available in 4 styles – concave, convex, surf and wave
  • Based on the Duo twin wire mesh system to provide high visibility, strength and rigidity
  • Supplied with a deep concave style feature topping
  • Aesthetically pleasing mesh system
  • The Gemini range is ideal as a feature fence to enhance aesthetics
  • Soft ornate fencing without harsh edges
  • Supplied with anti-tamper fixings
  • Available with optional ball finials
  • Available either bolt down, in ground or on wall
HeightPost CentresVertical WireHorizontal WireMesh PatternPost Section
Gemini 6
0.83 mtr – 2.23 mtr2.525 mtr6mm2 x 6mm200mm x 50mm60mm x 40mm
2.43 mtr – 3.68 mtr2.525 mtr6mm2 x 6mm200mm x 50mm80mm x 40mm
3.88 mtr – 4.48 mtr2.525 mtr6mm2 x 6mm200mm x 50mm100mm x 50mm
5.00 mtr – 6.00 mtr2.525 mtr6mm2 x 6mm200mm x 50mm120mm x 60mm
Gemini 8
0.83 mtr – 2.23 mtr2.525 mtr6mm2 x 8mm200mm x 50mm60mm x 40mm
2.43 mtr – 3.68 mtr2.525 mtr6mm2 x 8mm200mm x 50mm80mm x 40mm
3.88 mtr – 4.48 mtr2.525 mtr6mm2 x 8mm200mm x 50mm100mm x 50mm
5.00 mtr – 6.00 mtr2.525 mtr6mm2 x 8mm200mm x 50mm120mm x 60mm

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