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03. Optima

Zaun’s Optima paladin style mesh fencing is designed as a contemporary and non-threatening perimeter fencing system which offers not only high quality and long service life but also excellent value. Optima is designed as a low-cost perimeter fencing solution for a wide range of applications that are not likely to be subjected to sustained abuse, including commercial sites, schools, industrial estates and more.

This high quality and long service life profile mesh system is visually appealing with a stripe effect mesh pattern, which enable this perimeter fence system to blend into its surroundings.

The paladin style mesh panel is constructed of 4mm vertical wires and 5mm horizontal wires and has V pressings along the length of the panel to provide lateral rigidity. The panel is ideally suited to perimeter fencing where the perimeter is not likely to be the subject of sustained abuse.

Developed in response to market demand, Optima is so-called as it delivers optimum combination of security, appearance and value. The variable mesh pattern not only provides the system with an attractive appearance but its closeness also means that the fence is difficult to climb. V-shaped pressings along the length of the panel add lateral rigidity and further contribute to the styling of the system.

Optima uses 3 mtr wide panels which reduces the cost of the system as it uses less posts, which in turn also makes the system quicker and easier to install.

The Optima system uses clips rather than clamp bars to fix the panels to the posts’ rectangular washers. This keeps the price down while not compromising quality.

Samples Available

Samples of Zaun Optima are available upon request, to request your free sample please click here.



Features and Benefits
  • Stripe mesh pattern offers high visibility
  • Easily blends into surroundings
  • V-shaped pressings adds rigidity to the fence line
  • Ideal for locations not suffering from sustained abuse
  • Cost effective design with 3 metre centres
  • Available either bolt down, in ground or on wall
Download To download our Optima datasheet please click on the link below;
Height Post Centres Vertical Wire Horizontal Wire Mesh Pattern Post Section
1.73 mtr - 2.35mtr 3.025 mtr 4mm 5mm Variable 60mm x 60mm

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