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05. CorruSec C5 (SR3) Rated Fencing

CorruSec SR3 fencing is a patent-pending innovative high-security perimeter fencing solution that has been designed and developed by Zaun. Independently tested by BRE and entered into the RED BOOK, CorruSec SR3 Fencing successfully passed and achieved LPS1175 SR3 rating under issue 7 and D10 under issue 8.

The unique construction has been specifically designed to provide a minimum delay time of at least 5 minutes when tested per the LPS1775 SR3 (D10) toolkit. The specially configured mesh system has been independently tested to defeat various attack methods, including hand and power tools. Ideal for protecting assets on sites including water utility sites, oil and gas compounds, data centres, and other critical, national importance sites. The robust fencing solution still provides good visibility with CCTV camera systems despite using three layers of mesh.

CorruSec SR3 fencing is configured using anti-climb HiSec 3/5/10, with flat front and rear panels and a corrugated mesh panel in the centre. Each panel features a 76.2mm x 12.7mm mesh configuration with 3mm horizontal and vertical wires. The corrugated section is pressed to approximately 100mm in depth. All three layers are bolted together using bolts fixed into a grid pattern throughout the combined fence panel.

At a minimum height of 2.4 metres high, CorruSec SR3 fencing features a maximum corrugated infill of 2.4 metres high. Each panel has widths of 2.5 metres with 2540mm post centres and a double row of fixings. Posts are designed using 80x80mm SHS and are available in either bolt down or in-ground post options. Full panel assembly is fixed to the posts using 80mm full height clamp bars with fixing centres of 9 inches (228.6mm).

Available galvanised only or galvanised and powder coated in almost any RAL colour. A wide range of fence toppings can also be supplied.


All Zaun posts/panels/gates and painted auxiliary components (for example, clamp-bars, slide bolts etc.) benefit from a protective zinc layer and electrostatically applied polyester powder coating to BS1722 p16. Care is taken with pre-treatment to ensure sound adhesion between the zinc layer and the paint. In a UK C1 environment, as defined in ISO 12944 p2, this should ensure a useful life expectancy of the fence of at least 15-20 years. Life expectancy in all environments can be extended by the maintenance of the fencing with regular washing. Useful life will be reduced if the fencing is damaged. Any coating damage should be repaired to reduce the effect on useful life.

Enhanced painting systems such as marine coatings are also available for improved life expectancy in C2-C5M environments.

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Posts & Fixings

The CorruSec perimeter security fencing system features a post and clamp bar configuration, providing a simple and easy installation method. Supplied with through bolts, washers and nuts and installed using either power or hand tools.

Sloping Ground

Panels can be stepped as required on the post. However, where there are steeper gradients, it is recommended that taller panels are either part-buried or additional posts are used.


Posts are available in different lengths to accommodate panel heights and ground conditions. Additional variations are also available:

Note: If CorruSec is buried, careful consideration must be given to weed control to ensure vegetation does not grow between the panels when installed.

What is LPS 1175 for SR3 Fencing?

LPS 1175 is the requirements and testing procedures for the LPCB approval. A listing of intruder resistant building components, strong points, security enclosures, and free-standing barriers, fencing, and gates. LPS 1175 covers the broadest scope of physical security products and services of any publicly available standard globally. LPS 1175 results from many years of LPCB, the UK Government, Insurers, and the Police. It has rapidly become a core element of physical security specification across many sectors.

The standard comprises several security ratings with test requirements of ascending intensity. Measured in terms of attack tools and also time available to the attacker. This enables specifiers to select products according to the risks that they and their property face. LPS 1175 is used in a range of applications, from residential rights to critical infrastructure projects. (more…)


Features and Benefits
  • LPCB LPS1175 Security Rating C5 (SR3)
  • Independently tested with a minimum delay time of at least 5 minutes
  • The unique configuration of welded mesh panels
  • Designed to defeat a range of hand and power tools
  • Ideal for use on sites of Critical National Importance
  • Available in ground or base plated
  • It can be used with your choice of security toppings
  • Manufactured to BS1722 Part14
  • Patent Pending
Download To download our CorruSec Premier SR3 datasheet, please click on the link below; To download our approval certificate, please click on the link below; To download our standard colour list, please click on the link below; To download our brochures, please click on the link below;
Height 2.40 metre + (Note: Additional heights available upon request)
Panel Width 2515mm
Mesh Size 76.2 x 12.7mm
Wire Diameter 3mm Verticals x 3mm Horizontals
Top Edge Projection Minimal (Optional Extra)
Post Size 80 x 80
Clamp Bar Size 80 x 5mm
Post Centres 2540mm
Fixing Centres 228.6mm Max.
Fixings Through Bolts, Washers, Nuts and Anti Tamper Security Fixings

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