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01. ArmaWeave® CPNI Approved Fencing

Zaun’s ArmaWeave® woven mesh high-security fencing has been designed specifically to be installed on sites of critical national importance (CNI).

The CPNI approved fencing system offers a more substantial delay from attack from hand and power tools than other traditional welded mesh fencing systems. Thanks to its tighter mesh pattern of 17mm x 17mm and use of high tensile steel wires.

This tight woven mesh pattern offers no climbing aids and provides little room for blades and cutting tools to attack the fabric of the fence.

The unique properties of the ArmaWeave® CPNI approved fencing system means that this fencing system has the ability to rake. Thus, limiting the need for stepping panels on slopes and reducing installation costs significantly compared with standard welded mesh systems. Yet, still conforming to the highest-rated standards for fencing products defending against forcible attack.

Tested and approved for UK government use by CPNI (contact CPNI for details) and various government departments. ArmaWeave® meets the current criteria for a forcible attack. ArmaWeave has also been tested and approved by the MoD to use most of the market-leading PID Systems.

ArmaWeave® CPNI approved fencing also offers seamless integration with detection systems, including PIDs, CCTV and topping enhancements.

Unique Raking Abilities

ArmaWeave® CPNI approved fencing system, designed with specific tolerances enabling the system to rake and follow the site’s topography without compromising security or system rigidity. This makes ArmaWeave® the world’s only raking mesh system.

These unique raking abilities makes the system much easier to install on-site. Reducing civil work and additional civils for additional posts for stepping. Raking the panels on-site reduces the need for specially fabricated panels and pre-measuring of angles on site. Reducing cost for installation and material.

Posts & Fixings

The ArmaWeave® perimeter security fencing system features a post and clamp bar configuration, providing a simple and easy installation method. Supplied with bolts, nuts and washers and installed using either power or hand tools.

Note: For CPNI, the maximum change of direction is 45°. A flange is welded at the post at 45°, or a post with two welded flanges at 22.5°.


Posts are available in different lengths to accommodate panel heights and ground conditions. Additional variations are also available:

ArmaWeave® High-Security Gates

Pedestrian gates are single leaf 1.2m wide (or width to suit). Framed in a 100mm x 50mm RHS with Zaun ArmaWeave® woven mesh bolted to the frame, with slide latch. Each gate features a rubber bump stop and 2 x suitable gate posts, heavy-duty slide bars or optionally high-security locks/panic locks with integrated status monitoring.

Vehicle access gates are double leaf (single leaf vehicle gates available) 3.0m wide (or width to suit). Framed in 100mm x 50mm RHS, with ArmaWeave® Woven Mesh bolted to the frame, with drop bolts and slide latch. In addition, each vehicle Gate features a rubber bump stop and 2 x suitable gate posts, either heavy-duty slide bars or optionally high-security locks/panic locks with integrated status monitoring.

Samples Available

Samples of Zaun ArmaWeave® are available upon request. To request your free sample, please click here.


Features and Benefits
  • Raking ability to follow the topography of the site without any compromise in security or system rigidity
  • Reducing the required number of posts due to its unique raking abilities reduces civil and material costs.
  • Tightly woven mesh configuration offers no climbing aids to protect against any would-be intruders.
  • Manufactured using high tensile steel, making the panel very difficult to cut using hand and powered tools, offering a significant enhancement to other products on the market
  • Double high-security fixings at the post increase security and protection against intruders.
  • Aesthetically pleasing woven mesh panel system with excellent visibility to ensure the physical fencing system works well with CCTV, PIDs and other intrusion detection systems
  • Additional toppings such as razor wire and electric fencing can work seamlessly with the whole system and provides fewer potential complications than stepped systems.
  • Available either bolt down, in-ground or on wall post options
  • European Patent No. 2509692
Download To download our ArmaWeave® Woven Mesh datasheet, please click on the link below; To download our Q40 specification sheet, please click on the link below;
  • Due to the high-security nature of ArmaWeave®, a Q40 is only available upon request. Please get in touch with [email protected] or call 01902 796 699 to request your copy.
To download our brochures, please click on the link below;
Height 2000, 2400, 3000, 3300, 3900, 5200mm (Note: Additional heights available upon request)
Panel Width 2500mm
Mesh Size 17 x 17mm
Wire Diameter 4mm Verticals x 4mm Horizontals
Top Edge Projection Minimal Projections
Post Type OMEGA
Clamp Bar Size 140 x 5mm
Post Centres 2535mm
Fixing Centres Max. 330mm
Fixings Bolts, Nuts & Washers
Panel Weight 12Kg per Sqm

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