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Zaun beats Cube

Zaun beats Cube

01st April 2016

2016031505 two cube low res for webSteel fencing manufacturer Zaun Beats Cube and have created two innovative ornamental sculptures to showcase its product.

The cube within a cube within a cube – or Cube Cubed – is the creation of research and development manager Adam Christie in response to a challenge from director and co-founder Alastair Henman.

It features a 6” ArmaWeave cube inside a medium-sized cube of HiSec double space inside a 12” cube made from Duo8 Super Rebound.

2016031505 cube render low res for webThe original sculpture is bound for the NatWest Bank commercial branch in Wolverhampton after Zaun’s relationship director at the bank, Richard Dowen, asked for a display piece to showcase Zaun’s product.

But Henman was so taken with the design that he had a replica made to display in Zaun’s own reception at its headquarters on Steel Drive.

All of the mesh and posts sold by Zaun are manufactured in the United Kingdom at their manufacturing plant in Wolverhampton.