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Are your pitches ready for Euro 2021?

Are your pitches ready for Euro 2021?

07th June 2021

Although they could not happen as originally planned in summer 2020, the European Championships are all set to kick off in summer 2021 instead. The Euros is one of the premier competitions in football and always makes for an exciting watch. This is especially true for UK followers of Euro 2021, as not only is the final taking place at Wembley Stadium, but England, Scotland, and Wales are all competing.

One knock-on effect of a big football tournament like this is an explosion in people playing football in their spare time. It seems we all take real inspiration from watching players like Harry Kane perform and enjoy trying to recreate this ourselves. Of course, the pitches people play on are key to having a safe and enjoyable time, but how can you make sure they are of the best possible quality?

Make sure there is sports fencing.

A good first tip is to make sure you have football-specific sports fencing installed around your pitches. Choosing a type of fencing specifically designed for sports use will help eliminate noise when the ball hits it and ensure it is up to this repeated impact. Perimeter fencing is handy because it means you can keep the players inside it safe and stop invaders from getting onto the pitch whilst also improving ball retention for the players. In addition, perimeter sports fencing also stops vandals from getting onto the playing area when not in use.

Mark outlines

As well as mowing the pitch, there are other maintenance jobs you should take care of in readiness for the football frenzy Euro 2021 could bring. Marking outlines is essential because it makes it easier for players to see various pitch sections and helps reduce arguments over balls going out. If you spot any divots on your playing surface, make sure to fill these in to protect players.

Let Zaun Ltd help get your pitches in order

While mowing playing surfaces and marking outlines is not our thing, we are specialists in designing and manufacturing sports security fencing around football pitches. If you need top-quality perimeter fencing installed on your pitches, get in touch today at [email protected] for a chat.