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What is Bezinal 2000?

What is Bezinal 2000?

01st September 2021

Bezinal 2000 is the cost-effective alternative for heavily galvanized wires, with a superior quality coating but a low coat weight. Bezinal 2000 lasts up to 6 times longer than any other normal galvanized wires, with active protection for cut ends, sustained corrosion protection at welded points, a smooth and improved finish on all products, good formability with less zinc dust generation, and less smoke generation during product welding. This was done by creating an advanced zinc-alu alloy that can be utilized in a wide range of wire products.

There are two methods to apply metallic coatings: a hot-dipped coat and an electro-plating finish. The wire first moves through a melted zinc wash until the steel wire has the correct coating thickness required; it then passes through a final zinc-aluminium wash where it then will be left to cool. The steel wire then moves through a chemical solution that contains the corresponding ions of the metallic coating, where electricity then dissolves the anodes in the metal and transfers the ions onto the wire. This process and the Bezinal 2000 advanced zinc-alu alloy give any wire product superior corrosion resistance and are one of the highest specs of galvanized wire currently available. It has a tensile strength of 450 N/mm² to 1100 N/mm², a minimum coating weight of 50g/m², with an average of 75g/m².

Why use Beznial 2000?

With Bezinal 2000 cathodic protection, thin coating, smooth surface finish, and a high-temperature performance staying strong up to the exposure of 350°C, it’s the perfect cost-effective choice that’s undergone rigorous testing. Under salt spray tests, Bezinal 2000 coated wires lasted up to 2,000 hours before the appearance of just 5% Dark Brown Rust, whereas simple Zinc coated wires lasted less than 500 hours. Under heat tests, it’s typical for regular hot-dipped galvanized (HDG) wires to experience alloy layer growth, exposing the wire to brittle alloy layers that can reduce the lifespan of the wire and create harmful and dangerous material waste, especially when the product is bent. However, Bezinal 2000 coated wires are entirely immune to this phenomenon due to an inhibiting action of the aluminium. Tests have repeatedly shown no layer growth with Bezinal 2000 coatings on tests ranging up to 245 °C for over 30 days. While under Kesterinch tests inside a controlled cabinet, where wires are exposed to simulated industrial pollution and volcanic activity, Bezinal 2000 offers the best performance, beating regular zinc wires by up to 8 times, lasting 160 cycles of exposure before just 5% of dark brown rust sets in once again.

What can it be used on?

Bezinal 2000’s advanced zinc-alu alloy can be applied on wires intended for a wide variety of uses. It has already been used on spiral knotted fences, wire fencing for small animal cages, slope meshes (hexagonal meshes), sheep fencing on farmland, chain link fences, vineyard wire, and even gun nails for longer life spans. It has also been used on Zaun’s ArmaWeave woven mesh high-security fencing, which was specifically designed to be installed on sites of critical national importance (CNI) in the UK, which has been tested and approved for UK government use by CPNI and various other government departments such as the MoD.