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Security fences close roads in Cumbria

Security fences close roads in Cumbria

24th December 2015

When torrential rain and floods hit Cumbria over Christmas, road closure signs were not enough to turn away determined drivers. The local constabulary was forced to act fast and erect security fencing to close off the A590.

Modern security fencing has to be portable, fast to erect and, most importantly, secure when it’s in position. Options like Zaun’s RDS or MultiFence mean that security services can swiftly fence off an area using road surface anchoring for temporary installation. It protects against vehicular attack and cannot be moved by casual intruders.

It also ensures that the fence cannot be moved by high winds, which could present a serious Health & Safety issue, and the three-metre tall barriers can even catch debris that would have been carried onto the road by the floods. In addition, a series of landslides have effectively moved the mountainside, and a section of the road has collapsed, so clearly, there is a risk of serious landslides across Cumbria.

The storms that have battered Cumbria made the national news as severe flooding hit the area for the second time in a month after Storm Desmond had previously battered the region. The A591 was damaged, and the police immediately closed the road. Simply placing signs proved ineffective, though, as the locals turned out in force to look at the havoc wreaked by Storm Eva’s arrival in the northwest.

The damage to the region is so bad that an emergency government meeting resulted in the army being deployed to help the local emergency services and 700 Environmental Agency officers bolster the flood defences.

With heavy rains predicted over Christmas, there was a real concern that the local rivers could unpredictably burst their banks and endanger lives across Cumbria. Sandbags are the first line of defence, but security fencing to restrict access to dangerous areas was essential for the public’s safety.

With the emergency services stretched to their limit, it was essential that the security fencing was up to the job and was quick to put in place.

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