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HVM mistakes to avoid

HVM mistakes to avoid

26th April 2021

One of the key things any business must do is protect its buildings, staff and customers. Hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) is a crucial part of an overall security plan. Hostile Vehicle Mitigation involves installing measures to minimise the threat of a vehicle driving into people or your premises. For an effective security plan, you need to avoid the below common HVM mistakes.

HVM Mistakes – Not installing measures at all!

This may sound a little flippant, but it is THE most common mistake organisations make in this area. Despite the increased threat hostile vehicle attacks now pose, many companies think it will never happen to them. This sees them not bother installing relevant security measures and leaving a significant gap in their defences. While securing your premises still relies on classic methods of delay like security fencing, you must also ensure any other vulnerabilities in your physical security are solved, depending on the threat posed to the site. Therefore, protecting your buildings, staff, and customers from emerging threats like hostile vehicle attacks is vital.

Installing measures not tested to industry standards

A truck, car, or van smashing into any defences you put up creates massive forces on impact. If the bollards, blockers or gates you have erected cannot stand up to this, then they may well be breached. It is essential to look for a company whose products meet the latest industry regulations in this area, such as being tested to IWA14, PAS68 and other standards. This gives you peace of mind that they are tough enough to do the job correctly.

If you are not sure where you can find this information to verify a manufacturer’s claims, you can find out on either HVM Hub or CPNI.

HVM Mistakes – Not taking the right advice.

Every site is different – this means that the specific hostile vehicle mitigation measures required will be specific to you. But how do you know what steps are needed if this is not your field of expertise? Many businesses will mistake copying a competitor’s arrangements or simply guessing what may work for them. This is a mistake as it can leave you without the proper defences to stop an attack. It is much better to get advice from an expert company in the field that can pinpoint precisely what measures you need and where to put them.

Hostile vehicle mitigation with Zaun

At Zaun, we know how essential these security measures are. From bollards to perimeter fencing and gates, we can supply the equipment you need to stay safe. Call today on 01902 796699 for more details.

What is HVM?

For information about what the standard is, how the ratings are made and what product are available from Zaun.