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Why add laser-cut shapes to your fencing?

Why add laser-cut shapes to your fencing?

18th December 2020

Perimeter fencing is key for many businesses and also has its uses in many different applications. While you may think that installing the fencing itself is simply a case, you may want to consider extras like laser-cut shapes. These shapes can be created to your own design and then attached to your fencing as required. But why are they such a good investment?

Superb for branding

The first reason to consider adding laser-cut shapes to your sports or perimeter fencing is the branding potential. This can be especially useful for schools, colleges, universities or public leisure facilities. The beauty of adding these shapes is that they can be done however you like to align with your current branding. So whether it is spelling out your organisation’s name on the fencing or adding the logo to it, it will instantly make people see whose facilities they are.

It makes the fence more attractive.

Visual appeal is important for fencing as it makes people want to use the facilities inside. This is as true for a children’s playground as it is for a public football pitch. The great news is that modern mesh fencing is designed to look awesome anyway, but you can ramp this up even more with laser-cut shapes. The only limit is your imagination, and the crisp look of the attached shapes will make any fencing look really special.

It can be used for effective messaging.

Adding shapes like this is also a great way to catch people’s attention with key messages about the facilities inside. You may, for example, mark out an area as a football pitch by adding a football shape to the fencing or even spell out a key message for its use in words. Compared to putting up a poster, laser-cut shapes stand out much more and are more likely to be seen.

Order laser cut fencing shapes with Zaun.

If you like the sound of what these shapes can bring to your security or sports fencing, get in touch with Zaun today. We manufacture these types of shapes and offer a professional, value for money service.