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What is the BS1722 Part 9?

What is the BS1722 Part 9?

03rd March 2021

The BS 1722 Part 9 is a standard for mild steel or low carbon steel fences with square or round verticals and flat horizontals such as railings. This specific standard is part of the BS 1722 series. It details the requirements for self-adjusting or welded mild steel fences with a rolled hollow section or rolled steel joist posts and flat horizontals. It also gives specifications for their installation.

This standard has been produced by the British Standards Institute. The BSI is appointed by the government as the national standards body. As the world’s first of its kind, the BSI was established in 1901. The BSI uses a collaborative approach, engaging with government bodies, industry experts, trade associations and consumers to develop standards.

What fences is it used on?

The standard is widely used on a variety of fences, including railings. In addition, it is used on mild steel (low carbon steel fences), designed to be long-lasting and strong. Available in a range of heights and grades and is often used for perimeter demarcation.

What does the standard cover?

The BS 1722-9 covers requirements for protective treatment. However, it doesn’t cover maintenance of the fence after installation. The standard is in place to cover the minimum requirements for quality and materials of the more common types of metal railing to ensure satisfactory service for the purchaser. When railings are bought that have been manufactured to the BS 1722-9 standard, it is guaranteed that they have followed the British standard.

The standard also helps manufacturers and installers by removing unnecessary minor variations in the demands of purchasers. It details specific requirements for fence components and also how the fence should be constructed. In addition, it includes requirements for the size of components and the permissible tolerances on size.

What changes have been made to BS1722 Part 9?

The BS1722 Part 9 was updated in 2006. The new version included some major changes, such as the removal of flat posts. It also included the removal of requirements for angle corner posts. In this version, they are specified as for line posts. It also includes revision of the requirements for gates. The installation and construction requirements have also been simplified to be in line with current practice.

Why is the BS1722 Part 9 important?

The BS1722 Part 9 is important as it helps improve the quality and safety of products and systems and ensures the health and safety of workers. For example, steel fences that don’t follow these standards are likely to be poor and even dangerous.