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Things to consider when installing fencing in schools

Things to consider when installing fencing in schools

05th September 2021

Fencing is becoming increasingly more important in schools for multiple reasons. Parents feel more comfortable sending their children to school knowing there is security fencing in place, reducing the risk of intruders. Fencing is also favourable for teachers, as it is an effective method of ensuring children cannot leave and can always be found on school premises. However, fencing in schools also has to be safe and secure. Here are some things we think should be taken into consideration:

What the fence achieves

When choosing or deciding to install a security fence for a school, you should ensure that it will do everything it needs to begin the process before. The fence needs to clearly mark the school’s boundaries and deter intruders from entering these boundaries. If people are to try still, the fence needs to deter them or increase its time to access the grounds. For example, the higher the fence, the harder it is to climb. It also needs to prevent children from leaving the school grounds without a teacher’s permission, but it cannot be a material that will injure any children were they to come in contact with the fence.

Conducting a risk assessment

When determining the factors mentioned above, a risk assessment is normally the best place to start. You can find various checklists online, or we can help with this. As part of the risk assessment, you should consider the environment and buildings in and outside the fence, security measures, and the incidence of crime in the area.

Correct installation

If a fence is poorly installed, it won’t work to the best of its abilities. This would mean you’ll have wasted money, and it could put school children at risk. Correct installation of security fencing will also mean aesthetically; it will be appropriate. A school’s first impression is significant, and a poorly installed fence may give potential parents or Ofsted the school doesn’t pay as much attention to its security as it should.

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