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Zaun factories switch to low energy lighting

Zaun factories switch to low energy lighting

05th January 2021

At Zaun, we understand the importance of green working practices and sustainable living: it’s better for the planet, better for us, and better for you.

The Zaun factory has recently made great strides towards reducing its carbon footprint by switching to low energy lighting throughout. Our old lighting consisted of 600 watt bulbs, which have now all been changed to LED Cob type bulbs, each of which only uses 150 watts of power – a 75% power usage reduction when compared to our old bulbs.

We also replaced the lighting in the fabrication factory way back in 2016. This swap meant replacing fluorescent lighting with Stellar Induction lamps, which resulted in an energy cost saving of 65% – not bad for a move which helps the environment, too.

Why change to low energy lighting?

The swaps were made for a number of reasons – to benefit Zaun, our employees, and the planet, too. Using up to 75% less power than traditional lighting, LED lighting reduces our carbon footprint as well as our impact on the planet. In the big picture, this is the most important reason to switch to low energy lighting; climate scientists have been making it clear for a long time that we’re hitting a point of no return in global warming, and any steps that can be taken to reduce it are welcome.

Of course, energy savings aren’t just good for the planet. They also help to reduce Zaun’s energy bills by reducing lighting costs for months and years to come. Changing to low energy lighting is a financial investment which will pay itself back over time, and one that’s well worth the investment from a financial viewpoint.

Good for Zaun, good for our people

Another reason for switching to low energy lighting is the quality of the lighting itself. Despite guzzling much less energy than older lighting, LED bulbs also put out more lumens of light, which means the lighting in our factories has been improved by the switch. This makes working conditions better for our employees, providing a more clearly lit environment and a brighter space.

Better lighting has also improved our onsite health and safety by reducing the likelihood and incidence of accidents on the factory floor. The health, safety, and wellbeing of our staff at Zaun is one of our top priorities, and so it’s no small advantage that improved lighting means we can offer a safer working environment to the Zaun factory team.

Working for the future at Zaun

At Zaun, we like to keep an eye on the future – and we know that the future of the world depends on reducing energy consumption and switching to sustainable energy sources where possible. Our swap from traditional lighting to LED lighting is just one step in a wider plan to ensure that Zaun leads the way in green working practices.