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Londom Stadium Fencing

Zaun’s range of fencing for stadiums includes a wide range of fencing and gate solutions that are perfect for use in and around stadiums. Most stadiums nowadays act as multi-functional venues which host a variety of different events for sports and entertainment. Where thousands of people will congregate to watch events that are taking place at the venue.

Zaun supplies security solutions for a range of security issues, including;

  • Protect fans in fans zones and crowd separation
  • Perimeter fencing for car parks
  • Gates, turnstiles and access control to control entry around the ground
  • Protection of storage areas or loading bays
  • Demarcation bollards and street furniture to protect pedestrian areas

What perimeter fencing should I use around the stadium?

Zaun’s range of perimeter fencing for stadiums can be used to solve a variety of different security problems around the stadium, ranging from protecting visitor cars in car parks, protecting fans with segregation solutions to controlling access around the stadium.

Sports Fencing

Sports fencing, ideal for use around play areas in and around the grounds of the stadium.

Security Fencing

Secured By Design and LPS1175 SR rated and approved security fencing, ideal for use around loading areas, VIP zones and entrances.