Year: 2015

HiSec-Prison-Fencing, Prison Mesh, MOJ Approved

MoJ approves Zaun Group to supply prison fencing

Shard owners ramp up security after Greenpeace stunt

HiSec Dual Skin Double Skin 358 gas network fencing

Gas network turns to prison style security

UAE electric fence

Electric fence first for UAE military base

solar farm fencing

SharpView from EyeLynx secures solar farms

NBS Fencing

NBS specifications now on Zaun website

3D design of ArmaWeave gate panic lock

3D design prepares Zaun for BIM future

Thames Water's Operations Management Centre BiFolding Gates

Zaun opens gates to Thames Water

Raking Security Fence

ArmaWeave enhanced with raking and PIDs

Physical Security Award 2015

Zaun wins MEI physical security award


Zaun nominated for two Chamber awards

Fencing in Sweden

Zaun enters CNI debate in Sweden