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4 ways fencing can be used in theme parks

4 ways fencing can be used in theme parks

24th May 2016

4 ways fencing can be used in theme parks

Theme parks are some of the most visited attractions in the UK every year, with thousands of people travelling from up and down the country to ride the roller coasters, take a spin on the teacups and spend time with their families. Yet without appropriate fencing in place, the public wouldn’t know which areas were safe and which weren’t. Ride operating zones that aren’t fenced off can be dangerous for visitors and staff. Fencing also clearly distinguishes queue lines and ride construction sites, and can help to stop noise travelling outside of the park. Here are some of the ways fencing can be used in theme parks.

1. Perimeter fencing around rides and attractions

Getting too close to a ride in motion could prove catastrophic, as visitors and staff could suffer serious injury if they are struck by a ride vehicle travelling at high speeds. It is therefore imperative that fencing is used to distinguish no go zones. Perimeter fencing around the ride clearly outlines the ride area, and ensures visitors and staff remain a safe distance from it. It can also be powder coated to make it more noticeable to the public, and to match the theme of a ride or area.

2. Acoustic fencing can reduce noise from the park

Some theme parks have to adhere to strict noise levels in order to respect locals living near or around the attraction. Acoustic fencing can help to keep the noise from working rides inside the park, as well as the sounds of screams and chatter from visitors, which may be particularly loud on a busy day.

3. Perimeter fencing for queue areas

Some of the most popular rides can amass large queue numbers, so perimeter fencing at waist or chest height will ensure those waiting in line are kept in order, and will help to deter queue jumping.

4. Temporary fencing for ride construction sites

Temporary fencing can be erected around ride construction sites to keep public and staff away from potentially dangerous areas. You can also add posters and advertising to the fencing to build excitement about your new attraction.