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Bicycle lockers – secure locking systems that prevent theft

Bicycle lockers – secure locking systems that prevent theft

19th January 2016

We hear about bicycle thefts all too often, particularly those who live and work in more urban environments. Unfortunately, the number of bicycle thefts has been rising for many years now. Bikes are undoubtedly highly desirable commodities for thieves not only because they are so easy to sell but quite often, they are easy to steal due to a lack of security or a low-quality locking system.

So, how do we minimise the risk of it happening to us, our clients or our employees?

With bicycle theft on such an increase, we at Zaun recognise that it has never been more important to invest in a security device that is high quality, deterring and secure. One of the most effective ways to keep bicycles safe from theft and vandalism is by investing in a bicycle locker. Here are the two main reasons as to why you should invest:

1. They are safe and secure

Unlike other locking options, lockers prevent the theft of bicycle parts and casual vandalism to property. You can choose from various high-quality locking methods for your locker(s), from manual to more sophisticated electronic systems. Bicycle lockers also benefit from shielding the bike from weather damage that occurs when bikes are stored outside for long periods, such as rusting.

2. They are efficient and convenient

Investing in this security system ensures that bikes are stored in an organised and orderly way, avoiding hazards or inconvenience to staff, clients or the public. Bike lockers can be movable or permanently anchored to the ground, depending on preference and purpose. In addition, they come in a range of sizes, colours and materials to fit site requirements.

In addition to the above, having a secure and long-term place to store a bicycle encourages people to cycle instead of using public transportation, undeniably increasing all-around health and well being!